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[BREAKING NEWS] Ban of Dahua and Hikvision Is Now US Gov Law
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 The US President has signed the 2019 NDAA into law, banning the use of Dahua and Hikvision (and their OEMs) for the US government, for US government-funded contracts and possibly for 'critical infrastructure' and 'national security' usage.

 This completes the legal process that started in May with the US House passing the bill with the ban (The US House of Representatives has passed H.R. 5515, a bill that includes a ban on the US government's use of Dahua and Hikvision. This follows growing US awareness that Hikvision is owned and controlled by the Chinese government plus last year's disclosure of Dahua's backdoor, Hikvision's backdoor and Dahua device's global hacking attacks) and the August 1st Senate passing of the bill.

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